The Information Technology Accelerator Partnership Ohio (ITAP Ohio), is an IT industry-sector collaborative partnership which is designed to leverage resources and provide workforce relevant training and career opportunities to underserved communities throughout Ohio.

Under the guidance of the state’s Office of Workforce Transformation, this partnership was uniquely established to increase presence of African Americans and others in competitive IT careers.

ITAP Ohio Objectives

ITAP Ohio was formed to ensure that African Americans and others attain more equitable access to Ohio’s fast growing IT sector that will increase training, inclusive recruitment, engage aggressively, and employ with high paying jobs. Over the next 18-months, our efforts will chiefly target underserved communities in several Ohio counties including: Franklin, Cuyahoga, Mahoning, and Montgomery. Each partner will additionally serve as a part of an “ITAP Business Advisory Group(s)” to help guide, drive, and report on our collective work.

The success and impact of ITAP Ohio is heavily based on well established partners leading their respective regions and areas of expertise as employers, educators, industry workforce development professionals, and community engagement specialists. To prevent duplication, each partner is committed to aligning their job opportunities, programs, and services to promote the aims of this collaboration.

Let's Achieve Something Together

Grassroots Outreach

Grass roots engagement for African Americans, with wrap-around support, and training in an IT or advanced manufacturing industry recognized certification.

Industry Sector Partnership

Increase the ITAP Ohio network partners with public-private collaborators comprised of: companies, government agencies, non-profits, and faith-based organizations.

IT Career Pathways

Industry partners will serve as accelerators that offer competitive careers for targeted candidates as cloud architects, software developers, project managers, and robotics technicians.