The National Center for Urban Solutions has established workforce development partnerships with some of the Nation’s top employers, including The Ohio State University, Turner Construction, Eddie Bauer Spiegel, Belfor Restoration, Central Ohio Workforce and ResCare, Inc., to provide innovative solutions to connect qualified individuals with career opportunities.  Regarded as the “Urban Experts,” NCUS fills two important voids in the market place:  Employment and Access.  Unemployment is historically higher in urban areas – but through grassroots and community outreach efforts, NCUS has successfully created practice models engaging the urban community with employers with the goal of creating a diverse workforce.

At the National Center for Urban Solutions (NCUS), we specialize in meeting the unique needs of schools serving urban students.  According to a report from The Center for Education Re­form, among the leading reasons charter schools close are financial (42%), mismanagement (24%), and academic (19%).The schools that thrive do so with stable financing, solid processes and strong curricula delivered in a way that meets the needs of their students.  NCUS offers comprehensive services to address the challenges that often close charter schools. We work with schools serving youth and young adults who, for a variety of reasons, dropped out before completing their high school educations. The curricula offered by NCUS’ client schools are based on traditional state standards.  Service delivery is based on the NCUS’ model: Education and Employment equals Empowerment.We have a common vision for all of the enterprises we manage: Self Sufficiency. Growth. Sustainability.  We equip our schools with the tools needed to provide great learning environments.moreButton

NCUS’ health and wellness initiatives are also part of the educational component. The African American Male Wellness Walk and Walk Initiative were established to address what NCUS found to be an almost tragic lack of health education and awareness among African American Men and the urban community at large.moreButton

TAL works to change the perception of African American males. TAL addresses issues that foster misperceptions of African American men and works to change those perceptions preventing African American men from obtaining employment and work skills that would enable them to support …


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