In order to impact the lives of our African American students, we need a John Gregory (NCUS Founder) in every school.  I’m a principal today because he saved my life through his program”.
Assistant Principal Rodney Barrett, Linden McKinley High School.

I am pleased to see NCUS TEC joining the ranks of those committed to our youth.
Mayor Michael B. Coleman

NCUS motto, Life Works…When You Work program benefits not only the individual participants but the entire Central Ohio community and economy.
Patrick J. Tiberi, Congressman

Today I am a football coach at Mifflin High School because John Gregory took the time to mentor and show me a better way”.  Upon leaving the University of Dayton I have started my own youth program so I can give young African American males the same opportunity I was given”.
Chauncey Cumberland, Assistant Football Coach, Mifflin High School

NCUS is the premier organization in the County.
Robert W. Woodson, President National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise

The College tour NCUS Youth Academy sponsored helped me to make the decision to go to college. I never wanted to go to college before.  I now know I want to attend a HBCU after graduation.
Daryl Jones, Senior, Walnut Ridge High School

Thank you for your motivational presentation to the Foster Family.  We have made several positive changes in our organization regarding the way we thin outside the box on a day to day basis.
Pamela Foster-Grear, President, Foster and Associates, Inc.

Ohio is fortunate to have talented and committed individuals such as yourself and your staff in our capital city. Thank you for all you do for Columbus and Ohio.
Senator, George Voinovich

I am a concerned citizen of Columbus.  I am writing in reference to NCUS.  I want you to know the important and positive influence your organization has had in the Community.  You are giving inspiration to many people.  You give single mothers the willpower to get off welfare to further their education and find employment. NCUS has made a difference.
Community Representative, Sherry Gray

NCUS has been a great experience for me.  I have been to other job training classes but never one like NCUS TEC.  The staff at NCUS really cares. By providing a Life Coach you gave me someone to talk to in the time of need.
Program Participant, Cicely Floyd

I am satisfied with the results your youth program has made impacting the lives of my roughest and most challenging students.  The on-site life coaching plan was well received by the students.  Your program delivered an out of the box approach. I have received call from mothers thanking us for your program. Columbus Public Schools need more programs like NCUS Youth Academy.
William Anderson, Principal, Champion Middle School

NCUS Youth Academy has definitely had a positive influence on my son.  He has always talked about being successful but not sure how he could go about reaching his goals. Your program has given him self-confidence and has helped him turn from being a straight ‘F’ student into an ‘A’,’ B’ student. I am very proud of my son.
Anecia Brooks, parent, Columbus Public Schools

NCUS Youth Academy has really turned my life around. At first I thought school was a joke.  My Youth Coach has really been a positive role model for me.
Shaquile Ragin, 8th grade student, Columbus Public Schools

NCUS has provided us with exemplary associates at each stage of the construction project. We have created a true partnership.
Brandon Carr, Vice President, Belfor USA, National Disaster Recovery

All projects should be modeled after NCUS as it relates to community services.
John McKnight, Northwestern University

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